Daniel Minkus

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The Leading Edge

Daniel began his career as a carpenter apprentice in 2004. After a four-year apprenticeship, he gained his formal qualifications before commencing a three-year stint in the trade. He formed Mink Building Group in 2011 with his brother Brendan, and in 2014 earned himself a Builder’s Licence.

Mink Building Group’s competitive advantage is Daniel Minkus’ carpentry expertise. Holding both full qualifications as a carpenter and as a licensed builder, Daniel can offer his clients true peace of mind, reduced costs, strong resourcing and a quality control that is second to none.

The business’ success is built on Daniel’s self-determination and a healthy motivation. His finely-honed skills in carpentry play an important role in keeping Mink Building Group ahead of the pack, while his unquestionable commitment to completing jobs and having happy clients has lead to a strong referral based clientele.

Daniel has earned a reputation for his versatility and ability to apply concepts across different environments. His good working knowledge in the commercial sector arms him with another level of experience and has proven advantageous for many residential projects.

Credentials Snapshots

  • 2004 Carpentry Apprenticeship
  • 2008 Worked as a qualified carpenter
  • 2011 Founded Mink Building Group

“We are passionate about our craft and the positive difference we can make in people’s lives. When the outcome is the right one, you see it on their faces.”

Daniel Minkus, Managing Director