SITE : 1500sqm
BUILD : 240sqm
COMPLETED : September 2015
BUILDER : Mink Building Group

About the project

This renovation to a huge family home on the northern beaches involved reworking and remodelling all existing internal spaces. Large rear sliding doors were installed to use the ocean and beach views. Open space kitchen and dining were created complete with voids allowing natural light from the second story dormer windows.


Client speaks about us

Mink Building Group were professional and reasonable throughout our engagement. Their quotes were very clear and detailed. The entire team was honest and courteous professionals with the same attention to detail as Daniel. They picked up and fixed flaws that I wouldn't have ever noticed.


Mink Building Group

The decision to renovate your home is an investment in time and money. It’s a process. It’s as exciting and creative a process as you want it to be, but either way it’s one that can be daunting, surprising and often challenging. Not to worry. We are on the journey with you from start to finish. You have our word. We’ll smooth the bumps, regularly report on progress and remain transparent along the way

At Mink Building Group we thrive on honesty, creativity and producing quality, cost effective outcomes one project at a time.